Saturday, January 9, 2010

Free items

Two places you should check for free stuff:

1. Aveda - sign up online and you will begin receiving post cards for free items. I have gotten hand lotion, body wash, a customized perfume, and more. Most are travel sized!

2. Earth Fare grocery stores if you have one near you. I missed out on my junk email, I could have gotten a free ice cream! My husband will be disappointed. Now they are giving a free tub of almonds and two grapefruits! I also should mention they have sales, for example, I bought a bag of organic apples for around $4, the same price as the regular grocery store's non-organic kind.

ENJOY! I know it makes my day when I go to the mall and get amazing smelling products for free!

Monday, December 21, 2009

CVS 12/20

Here is what I got at CVS

Revlon Moondrop Lipstick @ 6.99
Listerine Antiseptic @ 3.99
Crest Pro Health Rinse @ 2.88
Nivea Touch of Happiness bodywash @ 5.99
Neosporin Lip Health @ 2.89

-3 off Neosporin Lip Health -printable
-2 off Nivea bodywash- printable
-.50 off Listerine
-2 off Revlon Colorstay from last week's insert
-14 ECBs from previous purchases

Total $3.12
ECBs earned: 15

That's mucho savings this week!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

CVS and more!

Many great deals recently.

@ Bi Lo
Marcal paper goods were on sale and everyone remembers those free coupons that were given out for about two weeks...

1 Marcel Small Steps 8 roll, on sale for 6.49
used $2 off coupons.

2 Marcal Small steps tissues B1G1 free!
I got two for free because i had two coupons for $1

1 Marcal Small Steps napkins, also a free coupon

I spent $8 there on all those paper goods AND a bag of frozen shrimp I was bringing to my friends house for dinner!

I think the cashier accepted too many coupons because it was beeping but then the manager came and put all of them through!

CVS - I got a link to a survey and I got 15 ECBs!!! Now I have 29 to spend. After today I will spend 14 but end up with another 15 or more!!!!!
I really love CVS, I have had the most success there.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Harris Teeter great sales 11-17

I headed to Harris Teeter with several coupons from this past Sunday's inserts
Here are the highlights. All coupons were doubled!

Bertolli's Pasta Sauce B1G1, 1 @ 1.44
0.60/1 From 11/15/09 insert
Paid $0.24

Sargento Shredded Cheese B1G1, 2 @ 3.45
0.50/2 From 11/15/09 insert
Paid $1.22 each

Daisy Light Sour Cream, 1 @ 1.67
.50/1 From 11/15/09 insert
Paid $0.67

Oscar Meyer Bacon (real bacon, not turkey!) 1 @ 3.79
0.75/1 From 11/15/09 insert
Paid 2.29 (not as great as I originally thought!)

Pretty good though! I really needed shredded cheese and now I figured out that it freezes well so I chucked these two in the freezer.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

CVS 11-15 savings of 76%

CVS today!

Transaction #1

1 Revlon Eyeshadow quad @7.99
1 Revlon Lipstick @ 7.99

$1/1 R. Color Cosmetics exp 11-15-09 (today!)
$2/1 R Color Cosmetics from 11/15 insert
9.99 ECBs from Diabetes meter deals

Paid $4.31 with tax
Earned 7 ECBs

I drove to another CVS to do ...

Transaction #2
3 Ragu sauces @ 3/$5
1 Hellmans light Mayonaise @3
2 Skippy Peanut butters @ 3.33 (for both)

Coupons - all manu coupons from 11/15/09 insert
1.25/3 Ragu sauces
0.60/1 Hellman's
0.60/1 Skippy PB
7 ECBs from Revlon deal

Paid 2.12 OOP
Earned 3 ECBs

Spent 6.43 OOP total for merchandise worth $27.31
Savings of 76%

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walgreens 11-4

Still spending my Walgreens giftcard!

Transaction #1
(3) Fragrance-Free Lubriderm 6oz @4.49 each

$2/1 from insert
$2/1 internet printable
Wags $1 coupon in Diabetes & You magazine (had to ask for it at the Pharmacy), took off $3

Paid 7.58 with tax (used gift card)
Earned 8 RR!

Transaction #2
(2) Almay one-coat mascara @ 6.99 B1G1 (apparently it is only supposed to be B1G1 50%)
1 filler nail polish @ 1.99

Used $4 from Nov coupon book, took off $8

Paid 2.80 for the nail polish and tax only! So the mascara was free!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

CVS 11/1

Quick trip to CVS

1 NovaMax Diabetes meter @9.99
1 Plackers flossers @ 2.99

Used 10 ECBS that were about to expire!

Paid $4.05 with tax.
Earned 9.99 + 2 ECBS

Will donate the diabetes meter. November is Diabetes Month!