Monday, December 21, 2009

CVS 12/20

Here is what I got at CVS

Revlon Moondrop Lipstick @ 6.99
Listerine Antiseptic @ 3.99
Crest Pro Health Rinse @ 2.88
Nivea Touch of Happiness bodywash @ 5.99
Neosporin Lip Health @ 2.89

-3 off Neosporin Lip Health -printable
-2 off Nivea bodywash- printable
-.50 off Listerine
-2 off Revlon Colorstay from last week's insert
-14 ECBs from previous purchases

Total $3.12
ECBs earned: 15

That's mucho savings this week!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

CVS and more!

Many great deals recently.

@ Bi Lo
Marcal paper goods were on sale and everyone remembers those free coupons that were given out for about two weeks...

1 Marcel Small Steps 8 roll, on sale for 6.49
used $2 off coupons.

2 Marcal Small steps tissues B1G1 free!
I got two for free because i had two coupons for $1

1 Marcal Small Steps napkins, also a free coupon

I spent $8 there on all those paper goods AND a bag of frozen shrimp I was bringing to my friends house for dinner!

I think the cashier accepted too many coupons because it was beeping but then the manager came and put all of them through!

CVS - I got a link to a survey and I got 15 ECBs!!! Now I have 29 to spend. After today I will spend 14 but end up with another 15 or more!!!!!
I really love CVS, I have had the most success there.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Harris Teeter great sales 11-17

I headed to Harris Teeter with several coupons from this past Sunday's inserts
Here are the highlights. All coupons were doubled!

Bertolli's Pasta Sauce B1G1, 1 @ 1.44
0.60/1 From 11/15/09 insert
Paid $0.24

Sargento Shredded Cheese B1G1, 2 @ 3.45
0.50/2 From 11/15/09 insert
Paid $1.22 each

Daisy Light Sour Cream, 1 @ 1.67
.50/1 From 11/15/09 insert
Paid $0.67

Oscar Meyer Bacon (real bacon, not turkey!) 1 @ 3.79
0.75/1 From 11/15/09 insert
Paid 2.29 (not as great as I originally thought!)

Pretty good though! I really needed shredded cheese and now I figured out that it freezes well so I chucked these two in the freezer.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

CVS 11-15 savings of 76%

CVS today!

Transaction #1

1 Revlon Eyeshadow quad @7.99
1 Revlon Lipstick @ 7.99

$1/1 R. Color Cosmetics exp 11-15-09 (today!)
$2/1 R Color Cosmetics from 11/15 insert
9.99 ECBs from Diabetes meter deals

Paid $4.31 with tax
Earned 7 ECBs

I drove to another CVS to do ...

Transaction #2
3 Ragu sauces @ 3/$5
1 Hellmans light Mayonaise @3
2 Skippy Peanut butters @ 3.33 (for both)

Coupons - all manu coupons from 11/15/09 insert
1.25/3 Ragu sauces
0.60/1 Hellman's
0.60/1 Skippy PB
7 ECBs from Revlon deal

Paid 2.12 OOP
Earned 3 ECBs

Spent 6.43 OOP total for merchandise worth $27.31
Savings of 76%

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walgreens 11-4

Still spending my Walgreens giftcard!

Transaction #1
(3) Fragrance-Free Lubriderm 6oz @4.49 each

$2/1 from insert
$2/1 internet printable
Wags $1 coupon in Diabetes & You magazine (had to ask for it at the Pharmacy), took off $3

Paid 7.58 with tax (used gift card)
Earned 8 RR!

Transaction #2
(2) Almay one-coat mascara @ 6.99 B1G1 (apparently it is only supposed to be B1G1 50%)
1 filler nail polish @ 1.99

Used $4 from Nov coupon book, took off $8

Paid 2.80 for the nail polish and tax only! So the mascara was free!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

CVS 11/1

Quick trip to CVS

1 NovaMax Diabetes meter @9.99
1 Plackers flossers @ 2.99

Used 10 ECBS that were about to expire!

Paid $4.05 with tax.
Earned 9.99 + 2 ECBS

Will donate the diabetes meter. November is Diabetes Month!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Walgreens 10-18

My first couponing experience at WAlGreens!
They ring up their merchandise differently, which made me perhaps save more money!

I bought:
(2) Trident layer gum @ $1 each
(3) Puffs tissues @.89 cents each
(2) Ricola cough drops @ 2/$3
(1) Dawn dish soap @.99 cents

.25 off 3 Puffs
B1G1 Trident (it took off 1.29, the original price)
B1G1 Ricola (took off 2.49)
.50 off Dawn

Total paid $4.84, with Walgreens Gift Card my mom gave me.
Earned 1 RR

They were out of Halls Lozenges, also out of Vaseline lotion :(

Monday, October 5, 2009

cvs 10-4

I have been good about not buying too much lately. I have not posted all deals. Recently, at Food Lion, there was B1G1 Quilted Northern TP, 6 roll pack @4.99 each. I had a coupon for $2/2 so I paid $3 for TWO packs. Yay.

CVS this week:

2 Dove Body Washes @ $7
1 Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion @ 7
1 Revlon Nail Polish @ 3.99

Coupons used
-$5/25 purchase emailed to me by CVS
-$1.50 off Dove Body wash
-$1.00 off Dove Body wash
-$1.50 off Dove cream oil lotion
13 ECBs

Paid 4.47 (with our 8.25% tax)
ECBs earned 10 for Dove, 3 for Revlon

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harris Teeter

I am getting ready for TRIPLE COUPONS yet again, they have some great deals. I like to stock up on things like salsa, and sometimes they have organic items on sale for really cheap.
I will keep you posted as to what deals I get.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

cvs 9/7/09

First I want to mention that I got the 6.99 Glade Room Expressions deal with a 2 off coupon. So I started with 5 + 6.99 ECBs. I paid 5.97 for this with tax, which is now 8.25% here on nonfood items!!

I felt kind of bad they had to work on Labor Day....

1 Schick Triple Slim Razors @ 6.99
1 Neut Wave Duo Speed @ 17.99

-3/off Schick from insert
-4/20 purchase sent to my email
-5 off 15 worth of Skin Care from CVS receipt
-6.99 ECBS

Total paid 2.72
ECBS earned 4 from Schick, 5 from Neutrogena

Regarding the Wave, I like it! Although I wish there was more later going on. It is nice that it came with a battery.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My free Zoya nailpolish!

Very excited, we will see how long it lasts.
I paid $6.95 for S & H, each polish retails for $6 each.
Thanks to spoiledpretty

cvs 8/15

A very successful CVS run, made up for the last visit where i spent $13, high for me.  


1 Extra Spearimint Gum 3-pack @$2
1 Bic Soleil razor @6.99
1 Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Foundation @ 9.99
1 Mentos Gum
2 Eclipse gum packs @1.29 each

Coupons used
-4/20 purchase from Ready Fill coupon booklet
-55 cents off mentos
-B1G1 Eclipse gum
-1 off Wrigleys or Extra gum 3-pack
-3 off Neut. cosmetics
-3 off Bic Soleil razor
-10 ECBs from last week

Total paid $1.81
ECBs earned 5 (I know it is half of what I started with but I really liked the products on sale this week!)

A good day!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

CVS 8/8

Today I printed out the $5/25 coupon from the website even thought I got only 3/5 questions right about prescriptions.  
When I went to my local CVS, I asked a girl about a sale and then she informed me that now she has activated the coming week sale so I could get BOTH this week's and the coming week's deals! Awesome me for waiting for Sat night.  

Here is what I got
1 Neutrogena eyeshadow trio (with spf 15!) on sale for $6.99
1 Biore foaming cleanser $7.99
1 Biore self preservation microderm mask $14.99
1 CVS Chapblock, free with coupon

Coupons used
-MFr $2 off Biore when you buy a cleanser and other product (comes inside the self-heating masks I buy from Biore)
-$1 off Neutrogena lip or eye cosmetic (I remembered later I have a $3 off from ALl You magazine! argh!!!)
-$2 off Biore from CVS receipt print out
-$5/25 purchase (I handed this to the cashier first)
-8 ECBs from previous week

Paid 13.64 with tax
Earned 10 ECBs from Biore, 2 from Neutrogena (which is a deal for next week but I got it this week.)
I was going to have to buy a $2.02 filler item to use the 5/25 coupon but instead I got something I actually wanted and will use!

Today in the mail I also got a coupon for a free bird treat from PetCo.  I appreciate this because Petsmart ONLY sends me coupons good for dog or cat items, and I do not own either of those animals.  Just me and Pio the Meyers parrot.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

CVS, oh how I missed thee

I was on vacation/visiting family, etc for a month so now I am back to CVSing.  I missed, very sadly, the B1G1 Neutrogena deal.  

Here is how my deal went though:

2 boxes of Kashi Crackers
1 box GoLean cereal
1 Neutrogena Face Mineral Sheers @$12.99

4 off/20 purchase from CVS in an email
3 off Neutrogena face cosmetics (exp on 8/3 so I had to use it soon!)
1 off Kashi crackers, peelie from another product
1.50 off any Kashi cereal
10 ECBs from previous purchases

Paid $3.93 with tax!!

Earned 5 ECBs from Kashi deal
1.50 ECB from my spring spending

Friday, June 26, 2009


I went to Dillard's yesterday since I was at the mall.  They were having a huge bra sale and since I need a few new ones I decided to look.  I picked out one for $9.99, and then they asked me to apply for the Dillard's credit card.  Of course I only do that if they can offer me a good discount.  The bra was free after I applied! AND, they are sending me $20 Dillard's coupons to spend, you do not have to buy anything more than $20!  I always pay the balance right away, right when I purchase the item.  At Dillard's you can only use check or cash so be prepared if you go to take advantage of this offer. Basically I got $30 of merchandise for free there!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Harris Teeter doubles up to 1.98

Harris Teeter is having double coupons with a face value of up to $1.98
Read their policy HERE

I am going away for a few weeks so I can't buy anything perishable but I will go back to my coupon stash to check paper goods and any $1 off coupons which will double to $2!

Monday, June 22, 2009

CVS awesome deal

I am going on a trip and I wanted to get some energy/snack bars to bring with me, so luckily the Soy Joy deal came out at CVS.  I also needed a small bottle of Tylenol to bring with me, just in case anyone needs it.  This was a great week! I could repeat this deal if I wanted, but I don't really need so many bars or medicine.  

I bought:
10 Soy Joy bars @ $1 each
1 Tylenol Extra Strength @ 4.99

(2) $1/5 SoyJoy, from their website.
$1 Tylenol extra strength product

Paid: $2.09
Earned: 10 ECB, 8 from SoyJoy, 2 from Tylenol

Saturday, June 20, 2009

CVS 6-20

I got emailed a coupon on Friday that expired Sunday for $4 off of 20, so I decided to do the Aveeno deal since I love all of their products.  

2 Aveeno Positively Ageless Body lotion 8oz @ $7 each
1 Aveeno PA Daily Cleansing Pads (they are oil free!!) @ 8.99 

2 Puffs tissues @ 0.87 each (great deal!)

Coupons used:
4/20 purchase emailed to me
10/3 Aveeno PA
2 ECBs from previous week

Paid $10.09 (incl. tax)
Earned 10 ECBS!!! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Saving on body products

In my attempt to save money I bought a "foot mask" that was supposed to exfoliate for $3 at Walmart.  Turns out it was very bad, all liquidy, but instead of throwing it out, I got out some bath salts I have had for a while, I don't use that frequently.  I added bath salts to the container of foot scrub and then it became actual scrub.  The salts added nice oils and a lovely scent.  My feet are going to be so soft!!!

I also reuse the body lotion pump containers because I have Say Yes to Carrots body butter but i do not like using it out of a tub, it is greasier and messy.  So I used a popsicle stick to put it inside the pump bottle.  

Friday, June 5, 2009

cvs 6-4

CVS Trip

I had a Neutrogena coupon that was about to expire so I had to take advantage.  

2 Campbells Tomato soups @ 2/$1
1 Neut. Acne Stress Toner on sale,@ $4

Coupons used
$1/2 Campbells cooking soups
$1 off Neutrogena cleansing product

Paid $3.31 with taxes

Not the greatest CVS trip ever...
A coupon for $3 off Neutro sun care printed out.  Combine that with the $2 manu coupon and I could get $5 off!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Harris Teeter ---

Getting geared up for HT TRIPLE COUPONS, I have them all picked out and the priced mapped out from their online site, Express Lane.  :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

CVS and Harris Teeter deals of the day

Above are my buys from today


1 box Band Aids 60 ct, @ 2.99
Coupon -.50

1  Revlon nail color @ 3.99
Coupon -1.00

Used 5 ECBs from last week
Paid .63 cents OOP (some tax) EARNED 5 ECBS for future use

2 Ragu pasta sauces B1G1 @ 2.69
Coupon -.60 (Doubled at HT)

4 Mentos gum @ .99 each (one is not pictured above)
(4) Coupons for .55 off

Paid 1.69 OOP

Today's spending totaled $2.32 for $13.63 worth of merchandise.  

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Target deals and some Walmart

Went to Target, bought wayyy more than planned, as usual. A few highlights:

Deer Park Sparkling Water .99
Coupon for $1 off
Final Price Free

3 boxes of Kashi cereal @ $2.88 each
Coupons used:
-1.50 off two
-1.00 off Honey Sunshine (really good too!! I just ate some)
Final price $2.04 each.  I know it isn't SUPER cheap but Kashi is a really good brand

Quaker True Delights granola bars 2.50
-Coupon for 1 off
Paid $1.50

Nice n Easy Hair Color on sale for 5.99
-coupon for $2 off
Paid 3.99

They did not have the Blue Bunny ice cream treats :(

We also went to Walmart, to return something and check in on prices.

Banana boat oil free faces sunscreen $2
Coupon for $1 off
Paid $1

V8 Fusion Goji Raspberry juice, I finally found the flavor! $2.98
-Coupon for 2 off
Paid .98

No Blue Bunny here either, we can't get ice cream.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

a few samples that arrived

A few of the samples that arrived recently.   

A while back my boyfriend ordered from Volpi and finally it arrived! Here are some photos.  Basically it was a small piece of vacuum-packed salami (called salamini! so cute!) in an envelope.  No adverts, no coupons.  Weird

I got the Aveeno haircare samples, not impressed because once you open the little packets they make a mess and you have to use them.  Not like the pantene shampoo/conditioners that come in little bottles you can actually bring along when travelling.

Pobre salamini alli solito

A bit blurry but you can see it on the package.

Monday, May 18, 2009

cvs 5-18

CVS deal of the week...

1 Covergirl outlast lip color (comes with 2, one color and one sealant!) @ $7

2 Dry Idea deodorants @ 2/$5

Coupons used
-$2 any Covergirl Lipcolor
(2) -$2 Dry Idea
-$5 ECBS 

Paid $1.51 (tax incl) OOP

Earned 5 ECBs for later.

I might do the Aveeno hair care deal...I have a 2 coupon, but I am trying to hold out for the  Neutrogena or Aveeno "buy 15 get 5 ECB" deals they have so often.  I always use toner so I like to stock up.


We had free dinner at Captain D's since they have been sending my boyfriend so many coupons.  A free fish dinner with fries and a free fish sandwich.  Much better than I expected, though I try not to eat fried food ever.  :)  If you sign up for their "club" they will send you coupons too!

Friday, May 8, 2009

cheapie sunscreen

Right now at Walmart there are many many sunscreens on sale, from Neutrogena to Coppertone, the good ones that usually cost 8-12 each. They are on sale for $2 each.  There is a coupon for Coppertone $1.50 off!  I got a Coppertone faces oil-free for 50 cents!!!  I also bought another one to give to my younger brother who has oily skin like me, so this one is oil free.  I have to use sunscreen on my face because I put a lot of acne products

Also Venus disposable razors 3-pack are on sale for 2.50, so I used a $2 off coupon, and also paid 50 cents!

Tropicana OJ on sale for $2.73, bought 2 to use the $1 off 2.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A quick Walmart trip to use the coupons....

3 packs of Stride gum @ $0.96 each
1 Carefree pantiliners $1 
1 Antibacterial wipes $1.64

Coupons used
2 off 3 packs of Stride gum
1 off Carefree pantiliners found in magazine while on weekend getaway

Total paid $2.92  yay!! 

CVS 5-4

My latest trip to CVS:

1 Biore ice cleanser
1 Biore clay mask 
1 John Frieda root awakening leave in conditioner
1 Softlips organic pomegranate (I wish I didn't buy this, it was only filler and it didn't have SPF as I originally thought!!)

Coupons used
-CVS 4 off of 20 purchase
-2 off 2 Biore products
-2 off John Freida

Total spent $4.55
ECBs earned 5
Random coupons generated - 4 (none of which I will probably use)

Rebate Update

An update about my rebates:

Physicians Formula: DENIED, even though I specifically bought a mascara with a sticker on it that said I will get a rebate.  ARGH!

Organix try-me-free - Received my 6.99 check a few weeks ago

The Natural Dentist - waiting on my $10 rebate to arrive, has anyone else gotten it?  That will make this FREE plus some (I paid 9.98 and got 8 ECBs)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cvs mania

I have become a little obsessed with CVSing, I am getting very good at it.  From the last diabetes meter purchase I have spent very little money out of pocket.  

Today I did the 3M deal, as mentioned in Rachel's blog here.  
The coupons did not scan but at two different CVS' the cashier manually took off the amount, and I got two different kinds of hooks, 2 white and 4 faux metal.  Great deal!

I spent a total of $1.09 in taxes and I earned 5 ECBs, now I have a total of 10 ECBs to spend.  

Then when I arrived home there was a $4/20 CVS coupon in my email for the first time ever!!!  Are they tracking my spending??

A side note: Does everyone know that Harris Teeter is donig triple coupons this week??

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A great CVS trip!

Today was a good CVS trip

1 Palm Dish liquid
1 Crest Baking Soda/Perox
1 Schick Intuition razor
1 CVS nail polish remover
1 Emery board pack

Coupons used
25 cents off Palmolive
75 cents off Crest toothpaste
$4 off Schick intuition razor
9.99 ECBs

PAID 1.49 with tax

EARNED 5 ECBS total.

I am sad I missed using the 4/20 beauty coupon.

Harris Teeter! 4-25 AND 26

We went to HT and used a few coupons on 4-25 AND 4-26, mostly groceries, one must be careful there and know the prices, however, they ALWAYS double manu coupons up to 99 cents, which is great! Their customer service is the best of any grocery store I have ever been to.  
Trip Highlights -- GRANDE Tortilla chips, on sale for 2/$4, used 75 cents off coupon, paid 50 cents. 

Snyders multigrain snacks (like sunchips) on sale for 2/$6, used 75 cents off coupon, paid $1.50

McCormick Parsley flakes, $1.49, used 75 cents off any spice, was FREE!

I saw the sale on Seventh Generation products so I went home and printed out (2) $1 off on 4-26 I headed out again:

(2) 7th Gen. Automatic Dishwasher liquids for $1.99 each, (after coupons) a good price for such a quality eco-friendly brand

(2) Mrs. T's perogies on sale for 2/$5, used $1/2, paid $2 each and got a free ticket to Charlotte Knights baseball (minor league, we will probably not go but good deal anyway)

Sparkle 6 double roll paper towels on sale B1G1 at 10.68 per pack (WHO would ever pay that much??).  They ring up at half price, I used a 50 cents off coupon that doubled so I paid $4.34

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Preparation for a better CVS trip

CVS today

AccuCheck Diabetes Glucose Meter 9.99

CVS Flossers on clearance .69

Used 5 ECBs

Total 6.14 (including taxes)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rocking CVS

CVS 4/16

Now I have a full time job, not as many opportunities to go to CVS.  However yesterday I went there!

1 Neutrogena Toner $7.99

1 Neutrogena Suncreen (with mini tube free) $9.49

1 Sunchips $1.29

1 pack of gum (had to get it to use my ECBS) $1.29

Coupons used:
$1/1 sunchips
17.99 ECBs

ECBs earned 5

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Donations made

I donated 2 Glucose meters, 1 Neutrogena shampoo, and 1 Dove cream oil body lotion since I got them for either free or very cheap to get more ECBs and I do not really need them.  I might donate the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara -- I volunteer at a medical clinic so hopefully someone there needs the items.  

Friday, April 3, 2009

CVS trip 4/2


Today I diverged from my plan, buying a natural light lamp, for myself and my bird.  

Natural Light Lamp - 50% off, 12.50

2 Natural Dentist Mouth Rinse @ 6.99
used 2 $2/off coupons found online
Earned 8 ECBs 

CVS Beauty Book .99

1 Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara - 
used free coupon cut in the way Rachel @ Surviving the Stores mentions
1 Eyeshadow FREE
used coupon and she took the whole amout off $7.49 when the coupon only says up to 6.88 (I think).

Total paid $25 with tax
I will get a Manu rebate $10 for the Natural Dentist Rinses.  

Then I will have spent only $15 with 8ECBs left!!!

Soon I plan to do the April Neutrogena offer and get free sunscreen and facial toner!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

CVS trip 4/1

CVS trip April 1st.

Bought AccuCheck glucose meter, on sale for $9.99
Used 5 ECBs
paid $5.35 (with tax) OOP

Earned 9.99 ECBs
Plus .50 ECBs from my shopping in Winter.

I did not notice the scanner that everyone mentions in my store.  

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Food Lion deal

FOOD LION (yesterday)

I bought a lot but the best deals I got are as follows
Wheat Thins Artisan Flavors on sale for 2/$4
I used my B1G1 Free coupon and it came up as -$3.59, the orig price.  

I paid 41 cents for 2 boxes of Wheat Thins.  

There was a $1 off coupon next to the Special K, which was on sale for $2.50, 
Final price $1.50.


I read on a blog that they were tripling coupons, however, not all coupons will fully triple in value.  You have to be careful and watch the cashiers when they scan your coupons.  

Our bill before coupons was $40 + (I don't recall the exact amount)
We paid $22.03 for everything.  All of the groceries were name brand items for the most part.
Our "extravagant" buy was my boyfriend's three boxes of Kraft Macaroni and CHeese to take back to Spain as presents for his family and friends.  

Some examples of our purchases:
 Newman's Own salsa
Wishbone salad spritzers
Chex honey nut cereal
Kernal popcorn seasoning
Barilla pastas
...and much more!!

They have very good customer service at HT.

Friday, March 27, 2009

CVS trip with a 5/15 coupon!!

I had to go back to CVS because I had a $5/15 coupon that expired on March 28th!! too much pressure.  So I decided to take advantage of the Dove deal to get my 5 ECBs.

Here is what I bought:

1 Bayer Breeze Glucose meter on sale for $14.99 (these usually cost $60!!)
FREE after coupon  -- I am going to donate this to a clinic I volunteer at.

2 cans of Campbell's soup B1G1 Free
1.69 for two
$1 off coupon
35 cents each

1 Dove Cream Oil Lotion $7.99
$1.50 off coupon
1 Dove Cream Oil Bodywash $8.69
$1.50 off coupon

$5/15 purchase
3 ECBs

Total $8.12
PLUS 5 ECBs earned from the Dove offer!

I might donate some of the products. I have too many for myself, I don't want to accumulate unnecessarily (my boyfriend doesn't want me to either!!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CVS and Walmart update

My CVS trip today

1 Schick Intuition Plus, orig price $9.99, on sale for $8.99
$4/1 coupon
final:  $4.99
Earned 3 ECBs

1 Almay Concealer, 7.99
1 Almay Concealer (different kind) free

I forgot I had a coupon for $1/ any Almay cosmetic product!! ahhh

But total with tax was $9.92, not super cheap but the merchandise is worth a lot.  
I earned a total of 3 ECBs AND a coupon for $5 off any $15 purchase.

All You Magazine, used .50 off coupon
Carefree Pantiliners on sale for $1, used $1 off coupon.  

A good shopping day.  There are too many razor coupons out there now, one has to be very careful.   

Monday, March 23, 2009

Natural Mommie's giveaways!

This amazing blogger is giving away more!!! gift cards to great places such as Bare Organics.  I love organic body products.  This line seems great and I can't wait to try if I win.  I will also look out for it in the store.  To see her post go here:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free Dr. Pepper and other Target bargains

Today we got our free Dr. Pepper at Target.  I also used my 0.75 off coupon on Lipton Cold Brew Iced Tea bags.  The box was $2.54, so after the coupon they cost $1.79.

Also at Target I bought Archer Farms Organic Lactose Free Skim Milk that rang up at $1.17! I would have bought more but only 2 of us are in the house and I am not a huge milk drinker.  

I used the coupon printer at the Gift Registry so I do not have to use my own printer to get them.  
More bargains in the near future...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sharing the one Walgreens and CVS

I was inspired by the blogs I follow and I have started getting some great deals at CVS and Walgreens so I thought I would share.  I do not have any kids so the deals are just for me, my boyfriend and my Meyers parrot named Pio.

I will start with yesterday

2 Power C Vitamin Waters
$1 for 2  (instore coupon)

1 Trident Xtra Care on sale for $1
coupon 75cents off 1

1 Wrigleys slimpack gum
free with coupon

Total with tax $1.66 (We have 7.5% sales tax in NC on all non-grocery items)

CVS 3/18
I started shopping there a couple of weeks ago, and had to spend a little more to start earning ECBs, however I still used coupons and got great deals.  The people who work at one of the CVS near my house look very carefully at every coupon and match it up with the product, does that happen a lot to anyone else?  


1 Colgate Total Whitening toothpaste 7.6oz on sale for $3.89
used $1.50 coupon

1 Dry Idea on sale for 2.99
the woman could not figure out how to ring it up as such so she just rang it up for 0.99 and I did not use the $2/1 coupon I had printed nor did I "get" the ECBs, I just got the final price.  
total 0.99

1 Sally Hansen nail polish on clearance 
total $1.25

1 Aveeno Itch cream 4.49
used $2/1 coupon
total $2.49
earned 2 ECBs
used$3.99 ECBs from last week

total $3.61 with tax
earned 2 ECBs for future use

Transaction #2 (at another CVS)
1 Dry Idea deodarant on sale for $2.99
coupon $2/1
total 0.99

1.21 with tax
earned 2 ECBs for future use

GRAND TOTAL @ CVS $4.82 WITH 4 ECBs to use next week!!!!