Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cvs mania

I have become a little obsessed with CVSing, I am getting very good at it.  From the last diabetes meter purchase I have spent very little money out of pocket.  

Today I did the 3M deal, as mentioned in Rachel's blog here.  
The coupons did not scan but at two different CVS' the cashier manually took off the amount, and I got two different kinds of hooks, 2 white and 4 faux metal.  Great deal!

I spent a total of $1.09 in taxes and I earned 5 ECBs, now I have a total of 10 ECBs to spend.  

Then when I arrived home there was a $4/20 CVS coupon in my email for the first time ever!!!  Are they tracking my spending??

A side note: Does everyone know that Harris Teeter is donig triple coupons this week??

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A great CVS trip!

Today was a good CVS trip

1 Palm Dish liquid
1 Crest Baking Soda/Perox
1 Schick Intuition razor
1 CVS nail polish remover
1 Emery board pack

Coupons used
25 cents off Palmolive
75 cents off Crest toothpaste
$4 off Schick intuition razor
9.99 ECBs

PAID 1.49 with tax

EARNED 5 ECBS total.

I am sad I missed using the 4/20 beauty coupon.

Harris Teeter! 4-25 AND 26

We went to HT and used a few coupons on 4-25 AND 4-26, mostly groceries, one must be careful there and know the prices, however, they ALWAYS double manu coupons up to 99 cents, which is great! Their customer service is the best of any grocery store I have ever been to.  
Trip Highlights -- GRANDE Tortilla chips, on sale for 2/$4, used 75 cents off coupon, paid 50 cents. 

Snyders multigrain snacks (like sunchips) on sale for 2/$6, used 75 cents off coupon, paid $1.50

McCormick Parsley flakes, $1.49, used 75 cents off any spice, was FREE!

I saw the sale on Seventh Generation products so I went home and printed out (2) $1 off on 4-26 I headed out again:

(2) 7th Gen. Automatic Dishwasher liquids for $1.99 each, (after coupons) a good price for such a quality eco-friendly brand

(2) Mrs. T's perogies on sale for 2/$5, used $1/2, paid $2 each and got a free ticket to Charlotte Knights baseball (minor league, we will probably not go but good deal anyway)

Sparkle 6 double roll paper towels on sale B1G1 at 10.68 per pack (WHO would ever pay that much??).  They ring up at half price, I used a 50 cents off coupon that doubled so I paid $4.34

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Preparation for a better CVS trip

CVS today

AccuCheck Diabetes Glucose Meter 9.99

CVS Flossers on clearance .69

Used 5 ECBs

Total 6.14 (including taxes)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rocking CVS

CVS 4/16

Now I have a full time job, not as many opportunities to go to CVS.  However yesterday I went there!

1 Neutrogena Toner $7.99

1 Neutrogena Suncreen (with mini tube free) $9.49

1 Sunchips $1.29

1 pack of gum (had to get it to use my ECBS) $1.29

Coupons used:
$1/1 sunchips
17.99 ECBs

ECBs earned 5

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Donations made

I donated 2 Glucose meters, 1 Neutrogena shampoo, and 1 Dove cream oil body lotion since I got them for either free or very cheap to get more ECBs and I do not really need them.  I might donate the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara -- I volunteer at a medical clinic so hopefully someone there needs the items.  

Friday, April 3, 2009

CVS trip 4/2


Today I diverged from my plan, buying a natural light lamp, for myself and my bird.  

Natural Light Lamp - 50% off, 12.50

2 Natural Dentist Mouth Rinse @ 6.99
used 2 $2/off coupons found online
Earned 8 ECBs 

CVS Beauty Book .99

1 Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara - 
used free coupon cut in the way Rachel @ Surviving the Stores mentions
1 Eyeshadow FREE
used coupon and she took the whole amout off $7.49 when the coupon only says up to 6.88 (I think).

Total paid $25 with tax
I will get a Manu rebate $10 for the Natural Dentist Rinses.  

Then I will have spent only $15 with 8ECBs left!!!

Soon I plan to do the April Neutrogena offer and get free sunscreen and facial toner!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

CVS trip 4/1

CVS trip April 1st.

Bought AccuCheck glucose meter, on sale for $9.99
Used 5 ECBs
paid $5.35 (with tax) OOP

Earned 9.99 ECBs
Plus .50 ECBs from my shopping in Winter.

I did not notice the scanner that everyone mentions in my store.