Monday, June 22, 2009

CVS awesome deal

I am going on a trip and I wanted to get some energy/snack bars to bring with me, so luckily the Soy Joy deal came out at CVS.  I also needed a small bottle of Tylenol to bring with me, just in case anyone needs it.  This was a great week! I could repeat this deal if I wanted, but I don't really need so many bars or medicine.  

I bought:
10 Soy Joy bars @ $1 each
1 Tylenol Extra Strength @ 4.99

(2) $1/5 SoyJoy, from their website.
$1 Tylenol extra strength product

Paid: $2.09
Earned: 10 ECB, 8 from SoyJoy, 2 from Tylenol

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