Saturday, August 8, 2009

CVS 8/8

Today I printed out the $5/25 coupon from the website even thought I got only 3/5 questions right about prescriptions.  
When I went to my local CVS, I asked a girl about a sale and then she informed me that now she has activated the coming week sale so I could get BOTH this week's and the coming week's deals! Awesome me for waiting for Sat night.  

Here is what I got
1 Neutrogena eyeshadow trio (with spf 15!) on sale for $6.99
1 Biore foaming cleanser $7.99
1 Biore self preservation microderm mask $14.99
1 CVS Chapblock, free with coupon

Coupons used
-MFr $2 off Biore when you buy a cleanser and other product (comes inside the self-heating masks I buy from Biore)
-$1 off Neutrogena lip or eye cosmetic (I remembered later I have a $3 off from ALl You magazine! argh!!!)
-$2 off Biore from CVS receipt print out
-$5/25 purchase (I handed this to the cashier first)
-8 ECBs from previous week

Paid 13.64 with tax
Earned 10 ECBs from Biore, 2 from Neutrogena (which is a deal for next week but I got it this week.)
I was going to have to buy a $2.02 filler item to use the 5/25 coupon but instead I got something I actually wanted and will use!

Today in the mail I also got a coupon for a free bird treat from PetCo.  I appreciate this because Petsmart ONLY sends me coupons good for dog or cat items, and I do not own either of those animals.  Just me and Pio the Meyers parrot.

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