Thursday, September 10, 2009

cvs 9/7/09

First I want to mention that I got the 6.99 Glade Room Expressions deal with a 2 off coupon. So I started with 5 + 6.99 ECBs. I paid 5.97 for this with tax, which is now 8.25% here on nonfood items!!

I felt kind of bad they had to work on Labor Day....

1 Schick Triple Slim Razors @ 6.99
1 Neut Wave Duo Speed @ 17.99

-3/off Schick from insert
-4/20 purchase sent to my email
-5 off 15 worth of Skin Care from CVS receipt
-6.99 ECBS

Total paid 2.72
ECBS earned 4 from Schick, 5 from Neutrogena

Regarding the Wave, I like it! Although I wish there was more later going on. It is nice that it came with a battery.

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