Sunday, October 18, 2009

Walgreens 10-18

My first couponing experience at WAlGreens!
They ring up their merchandise differently, which made me perhaps save more money!

I bought:
(2) Trident layer gum @ $1 each
(3) Puffs tissues @.89 cents each
(2) Ricola cough drops @ 2/$3
(1) Dawn dish soap @.99 cents

.25 off 3 Puffs
B1G1 Trident (it took off 1.29, the original price)
B1G1 Ricola (took off 2.49)
.50 off Dawn

Total paid $4.84, with Walgreens Gift Card my mom gave me.
Earned 1 RR

They were out of Halls Lozenges, also out of Vaseline lotion :(

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