Sunday, March 29, 2009

Food Lion deal

FOOD LION (yesterday)

I bought a lot but the best deals I got are as follows
Wheat Thins Artisan Flavors on sale for 2/$4
I used my B1G1 Free coupon and it came up as -$3.59, the orig price.  

I paid 41 cents for 2 boxes of Wheat Thins.  

There was a $1 off coupon next to the Special K, which was on sale for $2.50, 
Final price $1.50.


I read on a blog that they were tripling coupons, however, not all coupons will fully triple in value.  You have to be careful and watch the cashiers when they scan your coupons.  

Our bill before coupons was $40 + (I don't recall the exact amount)
We paid $22.03 for everything.  All of the groceries were name brand items for the most part.
Our "extravagant" buy was my boyfriend's three boxes of Kraft Macaroni and CHeese to take back to Spain as presents for his family and friends.  

Some examples of our purchases:
 Newman's Own salsa
Wishbone salad spritzers
Chex honey nut cereal
Kernal popcorn seasoning
Barilla pastas
...and much more!!

They have very good customer service at HT.

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