Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sharing the one Walgreens and CVS

I was inspired by the blogs I follow and I have started getting some great deals at CVS and Walgreens so I thought I would share.  I do not have any kids so the deals are just for me, my boyfriend and my Meyers parrot named Pio.

I will start with yesterday

2 Power C Vitamin Waters
$1 for 2  (instore coupon)

1 Trident Xtra Care on sale for $1
coupon 75cents off 1

1 Wrigleys slimpack gum
free with coupon

Total with tax $1.66 (We have 7.5% sales tax in NC on all non-grocery items)

CVS 3/18
I started shopping there a couple of weeks ago, and had to spend a little more to start earning ECBs, however I still used coupons and got great deals.  The people who work at one of the CVS near my house look very carefully at every coupon and match it up with the product, does that happen a lot to anyone else?  


1 Colgate Total Whitening toothpaste 7.6oz on sale for $3.89
used $1.50 coupon

1 Dry Idea on sale for 2.99
the woman could not figure out how to ring it up as such so she just rang it up for 0.99 and I did not use the $2/1 coupon I had printed nor did I "get" the ECBs, I just got the final price.  
total 0.99

1 Sally Hansen nail polish on clearance 
total $1.25

1 Aveeno Itch cream 4.49
used $2/1 coupon
total $2.49
earned 2 ECBs
used$3.99 ECBs from last week

total $3.61 with tax
earned 2 ECBs for future use

Transaction #2 (at another CVS)
1 Dry Idea deodarant on sale for $2.99
coupon $2/1
total 0.99

1.21 with tax
earned 2 ECBs for future use

GRAND TOTAL @ CVS $4.82 WITH 4 ECBs to use next week!!!!   

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  1. You have to love the coupon police! They act like you're ripping them off when the store gets reimbursed by the manufacturer. In fact, they get paid a handling fee by the manufacturer! But you feel like a heel using coupons. I've learned to smile and ignore their sleuthing. I know that I'm using the coupons legitimately, so I just wait for them to be okay with it too!