Friday, April 3, 2009

CVS trip 4/2


Today I diverged from my plan, buying a natural light lamp, for myself and my bird.  

Natural Light Lamp - 50% off, 12.50

2 Natural Dentist Mouth Rinse @ 6.99
used 2 $2/off coupons found online
Earned 8 ECBs 

CVS Beauty Book .99

1 Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara - 
used free coupon cut in the way Rachel @ Surviving the Stores mentions
1 Eyeshadow FREE
used coupon and she took the whole amout off $7.49 when the coupon only says up to 6.88 (I think).

Total paid $25 with tax
I will get a Manu rebate $10 for the Natural Dentist Rinses.  

Then I will have spent only $15 with 8ECBs left!!!

Soon I plan to do the April Neutrogena offer and get free sunscreen and facial toner!

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