Wednesday, April 29, 2009

cvs mania

I have become a little obsessed with CVSing, I am getting very good at it.  From the last diabetes meter purchase I have spent very little money out of pocket.  

Today I did the 3M deal, as mentioned in Rachel's blog here.  
The coupons did not scan but at two different CVS' the cashier manually took off the amount, and I got two different kinds of hooks, 2 white and 4 faux metal.  Great deal!

I spent a total of $1.09 in taxes and I earned 5 ECBs, now I have a total of 10 ECBs to spend.  

Then when I arrived home there was a $4/20 CVS coupon in my email for the first time ever!!!  Are they tracking my spending??

A side note: Does everyone know that Harris Teeter is donig triple coupons this week??

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