Friday, May 8, 2009

cheapie sunscreen

Right now at Walmart there are many many sunscreens on sale, from Neutrogena to Coppertone, the good ones that usually cost 8-12 each. They are on sale for $2 each.  There is a coupon for Coppertone $1.50 off!  I got a Coppertone faces oil-free for 50 cents!!!  I also bought another one to give to my younger brother who has oily skin like me, so this one is oil free.  I have to use sunscreen on my face because I put a lot of acne products

Also Venus disposable razors 3-pack are on sale for 2.50, so I used a $2 off coupon, and also paid 50 cents!

Tropicana OJ on sale for $2.73, bought 2 to use the $1 off 2.  

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